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31/5  -  13/9/2022

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Classical Concerts at Werich's 2022 - the second year of the classical music cycle performed by exceptional and talented young artists in the Werich Villa garden on Prague’s Kampa island - the former home of the incomparable actor, philosopher and writer Jan Werich; for the first time with international guests, an accompanying programme for children and “Echoes”, i.e. concerts of the Prague programmes in selected locations in the Czech Republic - in the "Horácké divadlo" theatre in Jihlava and the Schwarzenberg Tomb in Třeboň.

Classical Concerts at Werich's and its Echoes: afternoons and evenings with talented young musicians, classical music, programmes for children and the unique atmosphere of the Jan Werich's villa on the  Kampa island. Classical Music Festival in the Werich Villa Garden.

Classical Concerts at Werich’s will caress your ears and soothe your soul ❤️

Music - I don´t understand it but I like it.
I don't differentiate between classical and non-classical, just good and bad.

Jan Werich


31/5 - 13/9/2022

Prague, Werich villa garden

7 PM

Slavic Concert

Edgaras Davidovičius
tenor, Lithuania
Eva Esterková
soprano, Czechia
Ahmad Hedar
piano, Czechia

The opening concert of the 2nd year of the classical music festival Klasika u Wericha 2022 will bring mostly Lithuaninan and Czech songs both original and folk ones. On the programme, there will be also Slovak and Polish songs. The aim is to provide a varied picture of works of Slavic composers from Lithuania, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.  

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A. Raudonikis:
Švelnumas, Vilniaus andante
J. Gruodis:
Visur Tyla
Folk song: Už ežero ugnys dega
V. Klova:
árie Rūtenio, opera Pilėnai
J. Tallat-Kelpša:
Už aukštųjų kalnelių
S. Šimkus:
Kur bakūžė samanota
A. Bražinskas:
píseň Ugnele
L. Janáček:
Folk Nocturnes (selection)
J. Křička:
Sunny Songs (selection)
B. Martinů: New Slovak Songs
M. Schneider-Trnavský: Keby som bol vtáčkom
K. Szymanowski: Pieśni kurpiowskie (selection)
Polish folk songs arranged by C. Kozietulski (selection)
A. Dvořák: Moravian Duets and Love Songs (selection)

Programme length: 90 min, incl. an intermission

490 Kč - adults
390 Kc - students/seniors 65+/ZTP/P

7 PM

Nordic Concert

Arnheiður Eiríksdóttir
mezzosoprano, Island
Ahmad Hedar
piano, Czechia
vocal quartet

The power of Nordic nature, myths, love and broken hearts in the works of Nordic composers

S. Einarsson: Draumalandið
S. Kaldalóns: Á Sprengisandi
Á. Thorsteinsson: Kirkjuhvoll
J. Viðar: Karl sat undir kletti
Þ. Sigurbjörnsson: Heyr himna smiður (quartet)
E. Grieg: Våren
E. Grieg: Op. 67, “Haugtussa” (selection of songs)
E. Grieg: Jeg elsker dig
Finnish folk song: On Suuri Sun Rantas Autius (with the quartet)
J. Sibelius: Op. 37
J. Viðar: Vökuró

Programme length: 90 min, incl. an intermission

490 Kč - adults
390 Kc - students/seniors 65+/ZTP/P

7 PM

Austrian Concert

Lukáš Bařák
bas-baritone, Czechia
Kristýna Kůstková
soprano, Czechia

A journey through four centuries of Austrian classical music.

W. A. Mozart:
Oiseaux si tu les ans / Als Luise die Briefe / An Chloe – Kristýna Kůstková
F. Schubert:
Litanei / Lachen und Weinen / Die Forelle / Heidenröslein / Die Taubenpost - Lukáš Bařák
R. Strauss:
All mein Gedanken / Ach weh mir Unglückhaftem Mann / Zueignung – Lukáš Bařák
A. Schönberg:
Erwartung / Waldsonne (Four songs op. 2) /
Aus dem Spiegel von Arkadien (Brettl-Lieder) - Kristýna Kůstková
P. Marschick:  
Auf einem Torso Apollos – Lukáš Bařák
W. A. Mozart: Figarova svatbaCinque dieci – duet
Se a caso Madama – duet
Se vuole ballare – Lukáš Bařák
W. A Mozart: Kouzelná flétna Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen – duet
Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen – Lukáš Bařák
Pa, pa, pa – duet
W. A. Mozart: Don Giovanni
Ma se colpa...Batti batti oh bell Masetto – Kristýna Kůstková
La ci darem la mano – duet

Programme length: 90 min, incl. an intermission

490 Kč - adults
390 Kc - students/seniors 65+/ZTP/P

Accompanying program for children

Fairy tale in the garden

4 PM

Vacanze italiane / Italian Holidays

Società Dante
Alighieri Praga
divadelní sekce

A one-act play in a bilingual Czech-Italian production performed by Italian and Czech actors.

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The cast: Michaela Tomková / Eva Vrbová / Markéta Uhlířová / Filip Jelínek / Linda Cavagnetto / Linda Zauner / Giulia Ferretti / Margherita Mazzoli

Text, dramaturgy anddirection: Maddalena Rossi

Based on the book "Italian Holidays" by Jan Werich and personal experiences from his life, the performance returns to the tradition of Italian commedia dell'arte, using traditional masks based on period originals, improvisation, music and dance.

Two old men, a Doctor, a Harlequin and other servants, a Girl in Love and a Captain in a typical plot laced with modern and contemporary elements. The action begins in old Pantalone's house when the Doctor visits him, ill and irritable. The latterforces him to take a holiday, even with his daughter, who is annoyed by her father's strict upbringing...:-)

Suitable for ages 6 and up.
Programme length: 90 min, including intermission


290 CZK - adults
50 CZK - children

4 PM

Paints were my first toys

Markéta Vydrová

A fairy tale “My elf Sage” and a debate with one of the most popular Czech children's book illustrators Markéta Vydrová, or how to motivate children that what they love to do most in the world can become their job, profession and a dream come true, because then they become happy adults and happy adults are happy to live with.

How did Markéta become an illustrator at the age of four? How do you illustrate a children's book? Reading of the author's fairy tale "My elf Sage" with a projection of the author's pictures and Q & A time. Children can ask Markéta anything they are interested in - from questions about space flights to how many teeth good illustrators have.

Note: The illustrators are living human beings, so feel free to bring books with Markéta's illustrations to be autographed!

Suitable for ages 6 and up.
Program length: 90 minutes, including intermission

290 CZK - adults
50 CZK - children

6 PM

In Folk Tone

Eliška Gattringerová
Roman Hoza
Ahmad Hedar

A classicas songs concert; a tribute to the great Czech classical composers Antonín Dvořák, Leoš Janáček and Bohuslav Martinů on the occasion of the last performance of the successful production of Dodo Godár's "Martinů - Bohuslav's Czech Rhapsody" performed by the Horácké Divadlo Theatre.

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The concert brings the soloist of the National Theatre Brno and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf, baritone Roman Hoza, and soprano Eliška Gattringerová, winner of the International Antonín Dvořák Singing Competition and a guest soloist of the National Theatre Brno together with one of the Czech leading pianists Ahmad Hedar.

Jihlava, Horácké divadlo Theatre
Leoš Janáček: Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs (selection)
Bohuslav Martinů: Songs on One Page
Bohuslav Martinů: Songs on Two Pages
Antonín Dvořák: Gypsy Songs
Antonín Dvořák: Moravian Duets (selection)

Programme length: 80 min, incl. an intermission


Třeboň, Schwarzenberg Tomb

7 PM

Spanish Evening

Barbora Kubíková
classical guitar
Ester Pavlů

An exciting journey through various regions of Spain with one of the best Czech classical guitar players Barbora Kubíková, and a mezzo-soprano Ester Pavlů, a guest soloist of the National Theatre in Prague - the current Bizet’s Carmen.

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Třeboň, Schwarzenberg Tomb
I. Albéniz: Asturias, Spanish Suite No. 1, Op. 47
F. Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra
J. Turina: Sonata, op. 61
M. de Falla: Siete canciones populares españolas (selection)
M. Llobet: Variaciones sobre un Tema de Fernando Sor, op. 15F
G. Lorca: Trece canciones españolas antiguas (selection)

Programme length: 80 min, incl. an intermission

240 - 290 Kč - pre-sale,
350 Kč - on spot

Artist Profiles

Arnheiður Eiríksdóttir
Exceptional Icelandic mezzo-soprano who became a soloist at the National Theatre in Prague
Ester Pavlů
“Carmen” of the National Theatre in Prague and one of the most outstanding and talented opera singers inthe Czech Republic today
Eliška Gattringerová
Winner of the Antonín Dvořák International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary and promoter of opera within the Run OpeRun project, guest soloist of the National Theatre Brno
Edgaras Davidovičius
Talented Lithuanian tenor who was enchanted by Czech classical music
Soloist of the Brno National Theatre and Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf
Kristýna Kůstková
Winner of numerous singing competitions and the 2020 Gold Crystal Heart Award from the Czech Center New York for spreading Czech culture in the USA
Lukáš Bařák
2021 Winner of the National Theatre Director's Award for Artists under 35
Ahmad Hedar
Acclaimed pianist, vocalcoach and singer, and an active supporter of opera through the Run OpeRun project
Società Dante
Alighieri Praga
Theatre Group
The Società Dante Alighieri, a non-profit organization founded in Rome in 1889, aims to spread the Italian language and culture throughout the world. The Prague branch was established in January 2005 on the initiative of a few enthusiasts. In a few years it has won the favour of hundreds of students and numerous accolades from the parent organization in Rome. Its theatre section produces plays every year, casting both Italian enthusiasts and professional actors and acting students.
Eva Esterková
2nd prize winner at the International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary in 2019, guest soloist at the National Theatre Brno
Barbora Kubíková
One of the most talented classical guitarists in the Czech Republic. Frequently accompanies world-renowned tenor José Cura on his tours.
Markéta Vydrová
Her affectionate children's illustrations have brightened more than 100 children's books



Tickets available on (links tospecific concerts above) or at the Werich Villa box office.Tickets are not for aspecific seat.


Tickets available on Koloseum or at the Horácké Divadlo Theatre box office.


Tickets available in pre-sale and on spot.  

About Festival

The idea to organize Classical Concerts at Werich’s originated in 2020 from an idea to hold a “Concert for 100 people”. Its aim was to provide space for cultural engagement and musical enjoyment in line with the pandemic measures in place at the time. Needless to say, the plan did not work out.
However, with the undimmed longing for culture and the kind cooperation of the Werich Villa, we were delighted to be able to offer the audience six beautiful classical music concerts in the summer of 2021 for the first time.

The 2nd year of Classical Concerts at Werich’s brings both Czech and, which is new, international artists in European programmes to reflect the Czech Republic’s presidency of the European Union Council from 1 June - 31 December 2022.

We will also offer Echoes of the Classical Concerts at Werich's in selected locations of the Czech Republic so that as many classical music lovers as possible can enjoy the young Czech talented musicians in interesting programmes of the Prague festival. We invite you to enjoy the works of Dvořák, Janáček and Martinů at the Horácké Divadlo Theatre in Jihlava. The Spanish programme will be performed in the beautiful Schwarzenberg Tomb in Třeboň.

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  • aplikaci obou dávek očkování proti covidu-19, přičemž od druhé dávky musí uběhnout nejméně 14 dní,
  • případně provést antigenní samotest s negativním výsledkem na místě.

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